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An Attitude of Gratitude

We’re feeling pretty grateful these days at New Stone Age, and we certainly have a lot to be thankful for. First of all, we have a lovely new storefront sign, hand painted by our dear friend Peter Tigler. Peter is no ordinary sign painter, but a very talented fine artist, and we’re extremely lucky that he likes us enough to do us this favor; check out his gorgeous website to see what we mean. 


We’re also feeling honored to be included in a brand new online directory designed to inspire web surfers to get out of the house and explore locally owned, independent small businesses all over the United States and Canada. The directory, which is called Kangaloop, launched in October, and we’re proud to say that we were handpicked by them to be featured as one of the 100 coolest boutiques in America. How cool is that? Check out our personal page, and then explore the other great boutiques, in Los Angeles and elsewhere, listed in their directory. Thanks, Kangaloop!


Lastly, we are so very thankful to be approaching our 32nd holiday season at the store, which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of YOU, our lovely and amazing customers! You are our constant inspiration, and you keep us motivated to find the most unusual, most special treasures for the store. We will definitely be toasting you this Thanksgiving, and we wish you all a holiday full of bountiful gratitude and (of course) delicious food. Speaking of food, if you’re still trying to plan your Thanksgiving menu and searching for inspiration, we’d like to recommend one of the beautifully photographed and mouthwatering vegetable dishes featured in the cookbook Plenty More, which is the latest offering from London chef Yotam Ottolenghi (of the world-famous restaurant that bears his name). Hurry in to grab a copy before they go, because they’re flying off our shelves.
While you’re here, we can help you spruce up your holiday table, or if you’re attending someone else’s feast you can pick up a little thank you gift for the host.




Nothing complements delicious food better than beautifully handcrafted serveware in warm wood, smooth stone and golden brass. Clockwise, from top left: delicate wood salt and pepper cellars with tiny brass spoons from Lio and Linn, hand forged brass utensils from Japanese master craftsman Lue, bright marble and wood serving boards from Roost, and chillable soapstone shot glasses from SPARQ Home.


Pepper your holiday table with bright pops of color to combat the tryptophan-induced drowsiness of your turkey-stuffed guests. Clockwise, from top left: handblown glassware with colorful rims, lasercut felt coasters from Molly M, Japanese porcelain teacups, and patterned bowls.


For a more subtle addition of color to your feast, try mixing and matching these handmade ceramic pieces in beautiful cool glazes. Clockwise, from top left: turquoise bowls from Japan, nesting bowls from Roost, hors d’oeuvre boats and bud vases from Judy Jackson.
From the New Stone Age family to yours, we wish you all a Thanskgiving Day filled with good food and good company.


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  1. Nita Alvarez says:

    CONGRATULATIONS — on all fronts! For the new sign, recognition as one of the best shops in Los Angeles
    and 32 years of inspiration! Any time I’m feeling depleted, I head for NSA! I always leave feeling energize, creative and excited to be alive and on the planet with such wonderful craftspeople and fine artists. Thank you!

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