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April Showers Bring New Merchandise!

Happy April, everyone!

We’ve got all sorts of goodies for you this month!


With these too-cute-to-be-true boxes, you’ll never have to worry about losing your “Painkillers,” “Weed,” or your “Family Drugs.” Don’t worry, there’s one for “Random Crap” too! (I think I’d need a bigger box…one comparable to a mini-van…)



Try taking our new wind-up tin toys for a spin!



The tin toy bunny is only one of the many who hopped their way over for spring! We’ve got candles, boxes, banks, and bobbleheads, just to name a few!


It seems that engagement season has started early this year! Here are a few of our rings that will make the occasion even more memorable! If you aren’t engaged or if you’ve already tied the knot, don’t worry; these are so gorgeous, you don’t need any other reason to take a peek.

Be sure to click the images if you’d like to see them larger and with better clarity!


A sample of our marvelous rings.




We’ve got a myriad of diamond selections to choose from, each beautifully crafted in yellow or white gold.


Looking for something gorgeous and a bit off the beaten path? We’ve got stunning pieces featuring rubies, fire opals, sapphires, and many more precious and semi-precious stones.

We might have gotten a bit eager last month, but this time we’re optimistic that spring really is just around the corner! Come celebrate the season with us at New Stone Age!

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