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This Valentine is for you, procrastinators!

Dear customers,
We are fully aware that Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we fully intended to get this blog post out last week, but our beloved blog came down with a bug. We don’t want to speculate, but perhaps it was lovesick. We apologize to all of you faithful readers if you landed on our blog page in the past week and found it missing in action – how embarrassing! The good news is that we have gotten to the heart of the matter (no pun intended) and fixed the bug in the system, and we are now up and running smoothly again.
Did Valentine’s Day sneak up on you too this year? If you’re local, you’re in luck! Our brick and mortar store is overflowing with heartfelt treasures in all shapes and sizes, along with jewels Aphrodite would be proud to wear. Here’s a taste.

We are particularly smitten by these delightful cutout cards from Blackbird Letterpress. Let this sweet squirrel, benevolent bear or pair of smitten swans hold a special piece of jewelry for your valentine in their paws or wings, for an irresistible alternative to a traditional gift box. She’ll never guess whats hiding inside that envelope!

For all of our online followers still looking for the right gift, we still have some beautiful pieces for your sweetheart in our curated collection on the site.

Just bear in mind that anything ordered today will arrive a few days late, unless you’re in L.A., in which case you can pick it up in the store and treat yourself to our on-the-house gift wrapping.
We wish each and every one of you a very happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s spread the love far and wide today, and let’s keep it going throughout the rest of the year. Love can trump hate, love will win, and we will get through these uncertain times together.
All our love,
The New Stone Age Gals ‘n’ Pups

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