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A Splendid Spectrum of Summer Saturation

Hello, friends. Summer, the season that our fair city does best, is officially here. We welcome the days that lend themselves to daydreaming – basking in the warm sunshine under canopies of fuchsia bougainvillea and violet jacaranda blossoms, discovering hidden coves along the Malibu coast, sipping cucumber cocktails on downtown rooftops in the late-evening light, stargazing bare-shouldered at the Griffith Observatory.

The bright summer sun that Los Angeles is famous for is a perfect foil for outrageous color. We’ve been busy filling the store with gorgeous hues from every inch of the color wheel. In fact, when photographing the store for the blog, we were inundated with so much brilliance that we were reminded of this:

(image courtesy of the Boston Globe)

This stunning image was taken in India during the Hindu festival of Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors. It celebrates, among other things, the end of winter and the return of brilliant color to the natural world. Revelers adorn themselves and each other with pigment in a dazzling array of hues.

(image courtesy of the Boston Globe)

We at New Stone Age find ourselves constantly inspired by anything that celebrates color, as one look in the shop will confirm, so when we found out about this marvelous festival, we had to share our excitement with you. Take a look at some of the beautiful hues in our store at the moment, and you’ll see that we are celebrating our very own festival of color. What better way to herald the coming of the summer solstice, of long days and warm nights, than to let the sunlight shine upon brilliant shades that reflect its true brilliance? This summer, let’s adorn Los Angeles like the jewel box it is.

It’s no surprise that these beautiful items are so reminiscent of the festival photos above. All of these treasures hail from India as well. Clockwise, from left: huge balls of colorful yarn spun from old saris, hand painted enamelware, cotton towels and napkins with raw edges, and jewel toned tea glasses.

We love going to the farmer’s market in the summertime. There are so many gorgeous fruits and vegetables that it’s difficult not to take home everything. Take one of these striped tote bags with you and you can load up on all the stone fruits and berries your heart desires. When you get home, display your bounty in these charming porcelain baskets that look just like the green plastic ones, except that they last forever.

Summer means short sleeves or no sleeves, and that means there’s more arm to adorn. We have a lovely selection of brightly colored summer bracelets that will be sure to add the perfect amount of sparkle to your breezy beach ensembles.

All this color isn’t just for the humans among us. Even the dachshunds and the squirrels are joining in.

We love taking a pen and paper to the beach in order to jot down our thoughts and sketch the waves. These adorable little journals with their quirky phrases on the front are the perfect size to slip into your tote bag. Colorful bird prints, glowing mercury glass votive holders and Japanese pottery bring the brightness of summer inside.

Celebrate summer by throwing a garden party illuminated with beautiful votives. We just received a fresh batch of our popular peony candles, and we also have these brightly colored honeycomb-shaped beeswax tealights. String up a handmade banner with a sunny message and enjoy the warm, jasmine-scented night.

New Stone Age wishes all of our readers a sunny, shimmery, saturated summer!

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