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Be Our Valentine!

The annual celebration of lovebirds is just around the corner. Fly into New Stone Age to find a gift that will make your lover’s heart flutter with joy.

Show your love with a glittery pyrite heart, a colorful garland, or Cupid's carved wooden heart and arrow. Spell out a Valentine's message with golden letters or a wood magnet. Take your romantic candlelit dinner to the next level with vibrant peony tealights.

Adorn the jewel in your life with necklaces and earrings as lovely as she is.

With one of these Jeanine Payer bracelets around her wrist, your sweetheart will always remember that nothing is worth more than a day with you.

Ring in Valentine's Day with a special gift. To symbolize your everlasting love, bring your lover an eternity band studded with diamonds or rubies. Perhaps you're looking for that extra special ring so that you can take your love to the next level. Pictured here are some suggestions we, ahem, propose.

If you do buy your sweetie a ring, why not give her a carved gemstone bowl to keep it safe at the end of the day? These delicate, iridescent bowls just arrived in the store, and they're the perfect complement to our gorgeous gemstone rings.

Turn your Lolita's cheeks a rosy shade with this adorable sunglasses case, and let her know you only have eyes for her.

Turn up the heat with some age-old aphrodisiac potions: champagne and chocolate. These Belgian dark chocolate bars are adorned with lovely hand-glittered hearts, but their intoxicating scent will convince you that they're definitely not too pretty to eat.

Whatever treasure you bestow on your lover, make sure you accompany it with a message from the heart. We have an array of lovely cards just waiting to be filled with your amorous poetic declarations. Don't worry if you're not a wordsmith; when in doubt, the tried and true "I love you" always works beautifully.

Happy Valentine’s Day to lovers everywhere, from our hearts to yours!

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