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Cyber Monday, Shmyber Monday – take a stroll to New Stone Age instead!

Season’s greetings, customers! December is a mere five days away, and since we live in a snowless climate, we Angelenos have to work a little harder to conjure up the holiday spirit. At least we’re blessed with the best weather in the country for this time of year. We can sort of see why people who are snowed-in might want to do their shopping online, but on a beautiful day like this? Nah. It’s much more fun to get the whole visual, tactile, sensory experience. Plus, you’ll get to gab and gossip with us while you shop! New Stone Age has all you need to turn your home into a cozy holiday wonderland. Scroll down for a sampling of this year’s decorative delights, and then, because pictures never truly do an object justice, come and pay us a visit!

These colorful recycled paper ornaments are a great eco-friendly way to adorn your tree.

So many cute pooches, but who’s gonna get that bone? Our glittered glass puppy ornaments come in all sorts of breeds, and make a charming homage to your favorite furry friend. Just don’t let him get his paws on these delicate doggies.

These tiny snowglobes are little worlds unto themselves. They’re also the real deal, handmade in Vienna by the same company since 1900.

When else do you get to dress your home up from floor to ceiling in glittery goodness but the holidays? We’re here to help you overdose on sparkles this season.

Cozy up to our fuzzy felted woodland ornaments.

Share a wintery kiss under a felted sprig of mistletoe.

Create a frosty-looking tablescape with these selenite cubes, which – as we just learned – are also a fabulous way to purify the air in your home.

These yule logs are really a sight to behold. Put them in your fireplace and watch as the flames turn magically from the standard yellow into blue, green and red flames, all with the power of chemistry. A fascinating party trick to entertain your relatives with!

Deck your own halls with these iridescent colored mercury glass votive holders. Their shimmery inner walls project a soft glow into the room.

So, now that the inside of your home is fully decked out in holiday finery, finish it off with a lovely wreath for your front door. We think this beautiful antiqued metal wreath, with its industrial good looks, is actually pretty enough to be left up year-round.

The countdown to Christmas is about to begin! Hurry into New Stone Age before December so that you can fill your very own wooden advent calendar with a treat for each day leading up to the holiday. This tree makes a great craft project, too, as the unfinished wood is the perfect surface for paint, stain, or glitter. Make it your own!

We hope to see your lovely faces very soon! Psst, be sure to stay tuned for our post next week, with important info about a special shopping day on the horizon…

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