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Hearts of Gold

Neil Young, we have some great news for you! Your quest for that elusive heart of gold is over… in fact, we’ve found a whole trove of them, glimmering and shimmering with pure love, and just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Even if you’re not the esteemed Mr. Young, we believe you’ll be hard pressed not to fall head-over-heels in love with our finds. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for the object of your affection, or whether you’re in need of a healthy (and sparkly) dose of self-love, we highly recommend following your heart to New Stone Age. Both our physical store and our online shop are brimming with beautiful examples of this age-old symbol of love.
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These sweet heart necklaces are just begging to be framed by the sweetheart neckline of a killer Little Black Dress, for a double dose of charm. Pictured above, from left to right: Aili’s feather-light 18 karat gold and diamond heart necklace; Zoë Chicco’s two-tone 14 karat gold and oxidized silver cupid necklace; and Zoë Chicco’s 14 karat rose gold heart necklace.
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Turn convention on its head and forego the box of chocolates this year; instead, surprise her with a much longer lasting and less caloric piece of jewelry. Even better (because, let’s be honest, chocolates are never a bad idea), tuck a pair of earrings or a few stacking rings inside that iconic red velvet candy box and watch as she gasps in pleasant surprise (just make sure she doesn’t eat them by mistake – we take no responsibility for swallowed gems). Pictured above, clockwise from left to right, and interspersed with tiny silver heart milagros (available in the store): 14 karat gold pavé diamond studs by Liven14 karat gold and diamond stacking rings from Victoria Cunningham; Liven’s rose gold pavé diamond studs; 14 karat rose and yellow gold stacking rings and studs by Zoe Chicco.
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All that glitters is not gold, but sometimes what it is turns out to be precious in its own right. That is definitely the case with these gorgeous, glittering hearts, pictured above, which are carved from a mineral known as pyrite. We think that pyrite gets a bad rap. Its common nickname is “fool’s gold,” because of its supposed resemblance to the real thing, but that doesn’t seem fair; pyrite – with its crystalline, irregular formations, its hue that’s closer to a patinated brass, and its satisfying weight – is a wonder unto itself. This year, show how unique your love is with a hand-carved pyrite heart that is as pleasurable to hold as it is to gaze at. Like lovers, each is one of a kind.
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So perhaps your Valentine isn’t that into jewelry. Luckily for them, and for you, our collection of hearts extends beyond the jewelry cases. The beautiful brooch set pictured above, at top left, is a great unisex option for those who’d rather accessorize a lapel, a coat or a purse. The exquisitely detailed arrow and heart pins are hand-embroidered in that famously storied city of love, Paris, France. A hand beaded charm (top right) can be strung on a chain to make a necklace, attached to a keyring, or displayed in the home as a bright red homage to love. Form and function have always made a great couple, so why not celebrate them both with a heart shaped bottle opener (bottom right), paired with a bubbly beer to set the mood? Our final suggestion for a Valentine’s Day gift that will either get you a belly laugh or an eye roll is courtesy of this pun-loving blogger: present your significant other with a beautiful olive wood heart, and the words “Olive you.” You’re welcome.


We hope to see you in the store soon, and we hope you have a Valentine’s Day filled with love. As always, if you see anything in the post that is not available online and you’d like to purchase it, let us know.

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