8407 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

New Finds, Old Friends, and SALE!

Greetings, New Stone Age followers!

Apologies for the last-days-of-the-month post, but we promise it was worth the wait!

We have new, covet-worthy items!

The stunning shells and coral tops make these bottles an amazing catch!

Twinkling in their translucence, our new insects are a beautiful addition anywhere in your home.

We have brand new pieces from some of our amazing designers!

Lapis, labradorite, chrysophase, and moonstone are a few of the stones surrounded by 18k gold in these new stunners by Tej.

Victoria Cunningham’s new necklaces feature diamond details and 14k gold, making the main stones even more magnificent.

Some of our favorite items are once again in stock!

Our West Third Street “Good Fortune” candles now include “Luck” and “Success” in addition to “Love,” all three of which smell as good as the things they represent! We also have new room sprays from this well-named brand!

The skull carafe and glasses are back!

Glass bangles and Manifest Destiny candles are on our shelves again!

Now for the biggest news of all!

The West Third Street sidewalk sale might not be until August 6th and 7th, but we’ve gotten an early start! Come check out the bevy of items in our $1, $5, $10, $20+, and 50% off sections!

July might be ending, but the fun at New Stone Age is just beginning! See you soon!

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