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One For Each Night, These Rings Will Delight

Hanukkah is just around the corner. Are you wondering what to get the women in your life? Why not ask the stylish female experts at New Stone Age… it is rumored we know a thing or two about jewelry, that age-old key to a woman’s heart.
Stacking rings are having a moment in the sartorial sun, and we happen to have some lovely specimens. We recently discovered a design duo in Brooklyn, Lio & Linn, who make stacking rings that are very wallet-friendly at only $25 a ring, a price that practically begs you to buy multiples. They are cast in sterling silver and are available in a variety of finishes, including gold plate.
IMG_1192We were sitting around the other day, pondering what we ourselves might like for the Festival of Lights, when we hit upon this ingenious idea: one ring for each night, for a total of eight sparkling stacking rings! Gentlemen, listen closely, because we think a set of stacking rings is a surefire way to tell the woman you love that she lights up your life. Allow us to demonstrate, using the lovely and impeccably manicured (or in this case Hanukured) Alexa as our hand model:
stack 1234 - Version 2stack 1234 - Version 3stack 5678 - Version 2stack 5678 - Version 3
You can purchase these delicate little stacking rings by visiting us in the store or by buying them right here on our website. Don’t forget to throw in a luxurious trip to the nail salon so she can get her very own Hanukure, complete with a mini Star of David, to show off her new rings in true holiday style.
And if you need something a little more traditional for a Hanukkah gift, check out this amazing hand carved quartz dreidel!
Carved from a single large specimen of milky quartz, this dreidel is impressively weighty, but still spins like a charm. Hold it up to the menorah to see the sparkling crystal inclusions within the stone. Hurry, because this beauty will only be online for a little while.

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