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One-stop shocking shopping!

All Hallow’s Eve is lurking devilishly around the corner.  Don’t let it creep up on you!  Hurry in to New Stone Age for all your Halloween needs.  Throwing a monster’s ball?  We’ve got everything you need to make it a frightfully grand affair, from black skull-festooned goblets to silver skeleton trays for “finger” foods.  Why not tell your guests “fangs for coming”  by giving them their very own wax incisors to chew on?  Make no bones about it, we’ve got everything you need for a creepy-crawly night.

So, your lair is suitably spooky, but what’s a ghoul to wear to such a bash?  Draw that dashing vampire’s attention by adorning your neck with a gorgeous spider web or a Victorian bat locket.  Charm Frankenstein with a golden serpent bracelet.  You’ll look drop-dead gorgeous in our intricately carved crow choker.

The fun doesn’t end with Halloween.  November 1st is the Mexican holiday known as Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.  This holiday honors friends and loved ones who have passed away with joyful celebrations.  Why not string your patio with our colorful cut-paper banners called papel picado, erect a handmade altar in remembrance, and decorate it with bunches of traditional marigolds?  Top it off with a hand-painted papier-maché calavera, or skull, and serve your loved ones’ favorite foods as an ofrenda, or offering.

Happy Halloween and Feliz el Día de los Muertos from New Stone Age!

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