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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: We’ve left no (new) stone unturned!

Season’s greetings from all of us at New Stone Age! The hot weather may have us thinking otherwise, but it’s that time of year when we Angelenos must brave the bustling city streets to find holiday gifts for our nearest and dearest. Instead of facing the madhouse known as the mall, why not pay New Stone Age a visit this year? We guarantee that not only will you avoid being trampled by the murderous mall masses, but your holiday shopping experience will actually be pleasant. Sane shopping shouldn’t have to be an oxymoron. We have all kinds of wonderful handmade, unique, quirky and beautiful treasures waiting to be given, and to make things easier, we’ve compiled a helpful list of some of our favorite items in the store. We’ve organized them into a gift guide guaranteed to encompass all the fascinatingly varied characters in your lives. Wondering what to get your epicurean sister-in-law or your avid birdwatching uncle? Read on! Click the images for a larger view.

We all have technophiles in our lives - those intrepid types who are always the first to get the hottest new gadget. Why not give them a stylish way to protect their shiny new toys? We have (clockwise from upper left) beautiful real wood skins for iPhones and MacBooks; witty cases for mp3 players and laptops depicting obsolete technology; Japanese waxed paper laptop sleeves and soft flannel cases for iPads and Kindles; and hand-studded cases for the new iPhone 4S.

Or perhaps you know someone who is committed to preserving the forgotten art of handwriting. We at New Stone Age have a great affection for all things old-school and antiquated. Treat the writer in your life to this elegant assortment, and maybe you'll receive some beautiful snail mail as a thank you. Clockwise from top left, we have: handsome wooden boxes that function as portable desks, complete with chalkboards (also pictured at bottom right); adorable Japanese cast iron pencil holders and wood tape dispensers; an array of exquisite pens and pencils from the venerable German brand Kaweco; screenprinted pencil cases, chubby red pencils, retro staplers, vintage typeset-inspired stamps, and weighty cast iron tape dispensers and rulers.

What to buy for those people who are perpetually on the move? How about (clockwise from upper left) a travel journal to chronicle their adventures; a waxed paper carrying case, an eco-friendly aluminum water bottle or a colorful globe to chart the next journey; a funny little tin wind-up traveler; or a beautiful compass to guide the way?

Longtime customers know that we have a certain fondness for winged creatures here in the store. What better place to shop for the birdwatching aficionado? We have (from left) the amazing Bird Songs Bible, filled with the recorded sounds of hundreds of American birds; realistic bird whistles from France; Andrew Zuckerman's breathtaking book of bird photographs; soft nests of twigs and glass robin eggs; hand-carved and painted birds adorned with antique embellishments from Mullanium; notebooks for jotting down field observations; and colorful little wooden birds on perches.

For the art lover, we have (clockwise from top) the magical, fairy tale inspired paintings of local artist Nicole Bruckman, available as prints or cards; the charming embroidered creatures of Coral & Tusk (available framed, as cards, on coasters and on pillows); Ryann's painstakingly arranged assemblages of tiny bones, watch parts and seashells; pencil sets and sketchbooks for the doodler; and original charcoal insect drawings by Laura Zindel.

Thank the chefs in your life with more than a "yum, that was delicious," and buy them a tool that will surely inspire more culinary creations. Clockwise, from left: a rainbow of knives from esteemed French company Laguiole; a Middle Eastern tin-plated copper lidded bowl, marble salt and pepper cellars with brass spoons, Moroccan glass spice cellars, rustic cheese knives and fruitwood cheeseboards; wonderfully weathered vintage naan-rolling pins from India; an OCD cutting board for obsessive choppers and dicers; delicate long wooden spoons, burgundy French ceramic bowls, and a heavy-duty wooden mortar and pestle.

Men are soooo hard to shop for! Don't fear, we've got you covered. For your manly man, we've got (from top left) pouches for his specs and his tools, a Magritte-inspired pipe paperweight, and Tabasco chocolate spicy enough for real men; vintage pocket knives, keychain knives and snazzy French knives for doing manly things on the go; a set of weights so heavy it takes real muscle to lift them; and last but not least, socks for stashing his switchblade and his .44.

We know many of you are dog lovers like us, because we receive furry canine visitors on an almost daily basis. Show your pup how much you care this holiday season, and you're sure to be rewarded with sloppy kisses. From left, we have felted doggy ornaments, handpainted nontoxic dog bowls from India, squeaky fetching sticks and plush chew toys; papier-maché pug ornaments, chrome pug bookends, cast iron Victrola dogs; dog head wall hooks for leash storage, and sweet little porcelain letter boxes that should be kept far, far away from mischievous pups.

We are equal-opportunity animal lovers here at New Stone Age, so let's not forget our feline friends. We have them covered too! From left, Japanese papier-maché Maneki Neko cats, said to bring good fortune and wealth (we're not so sure the little porcelain mouse is going to be very lucky... watch out!); sets of reusable melamine kitty cups with changing lenticular images, eyeballs stuffed with irresistible catnip, Japanese cat bowls and Indian bowls for milk and Fancy-Feast; calico patchwork kitties, John Derian kitty postcards, and porcelain letter boxes that should again, we think, be kept far from curious kitty paws.

It takes true artistry to keep plants and flowers flourishing in this desert climate. Honor those who have the gift of the green thumb by giving them something living. From left, we have beautiful scientific plant models that would make Carl Linnaeus proud; miniature worlds within recycled glass terrariums, made by local artist Tami Demaree; succulents and cacti in hand-built ceramic pots, galvanized pots for those who like to do the planting themselves, and, for those of us who love plants to death, cactus candles that require absolutely no care.

Insects are truly fascinating demonstrations of nature's astounding variety and brilliance. While they may inspire a certain squeamishness when they're crawling across the floor, they are quite beautiful to gaze upon when arranged in a pretty frame. For the person whose curiosity outweighs the ick factor, why not gift the start of a collection or add to an existing one? From left, we have iridescent blown glass beetle ornaments; individual insects for the hobbyist to mount and frame; vintage wooden entomology boxes; framed insect collections; a vintage metal fly box, real spiderwebs encased in glass, resin ear gauge plugs with embedded bees, magnetic glitter butterflies, and professional insect pins.

Everyone has a family member who always knits scarves as presents, or a friend who spies items in a store and says "I could totally make that." If you're not crafty yourself, instead of getting them something they'd have more fun making, get them the tools to create something even better. Clockwise, from upper left, we have sets of iridescent vintage metal embroidery thread, assorted vintage sewing thread, and spools of colorful or glittery thread by the yard; red and black baker's twine, button jars, ramie yarn bundles and antique shuttles; tiny clothespins, flora and fauna stamps, delicate pheasant and peacock feather ribbon, the most adorable Japanese porcelain pincushions, Indian sewing shears and carved bone scissors, sea urchin pincushions and felted rock pincushions; brilliantly dyed recycled sari yarn in bundles and spools, delicate paper ribbon, Indian coin-adorned ribbon and embroidered pillow pincushions.

Your kids have been counting the days until Hannukah or Christmas since June, and they're beside themselves with anticipation. Make it worth their wait with these great gifts that will give their imaginations a healthy workout. At the top is our great collection of items from EeBoo, which creates artist-designed games, puzzles and art supplies: we've got pipe cleaners for making all kinds of creatures, paper chain kits, toolbox matching games for the toddler set, beautiful cardboard birds, sketchbooks and pencil sets for the budding artist, and Spanish bingo and French flash cards to prepare them for a trip to Barcelona or Burgundy. Below, clockwise from left, we have quirky Thomas Paul pillows that double as playmates; amazing Scanimation books that move when you flip them, in Gallop, Waddle, and The Wizard of Oz (if you get Waddle, this cute felted penguin makes a great accompaniment, and if you go with the glittery Wizard of Oz, pair it with this ruby red pair); adorable patchwork animals and goofy-eyed felted monkeys and frogs; brightly colored flocked bouncy balls, wooden prismatic stacking blocks, and squishy flocked cars and airplanes for little drivers and aviators.

For the young and goofy at heart, we have these hilarious wooden blocks, reminiscent of the ones we all played with as kids, but adorned with the most randomly weird words and images. A is for Afro, B is for Bald, and C is for Cinderblock... of course.

Whenever you go to this person's house, you are treated to an exotic cocktail with muddled basil, a nip of aged Scotch, or a vintage wine. Get the oenophile or the mixologist in your life some handsome bar accoutrements. From upper left, we have beautiful wine and champagne sets complete with etched glasses, corkscrews and room for a nice bottle, encased in elegant wooden boxes; muddlers in canvas bags printed with mojito recipes and bizarrely beautiful animal shot glasses that double as table decoration; colored balsa wood boxes for that special bottle of Veuve Cliquot; matte silver ice buckets, Midcentury owl bottle openers, and corkscrews of all shapes and sizes.

Ahoy! This is what to get your seafaring kin. From upper left, we have glittery glass whale and narwhal ornaments; porcelain anchor bottle openers for deckside sipping and a handy ABC guide to boat terminology; Swedish Dream sea salt soap to cleanse that swarthy skin; and mermaid matches to light the way on a dark and stormy night. Come into the store to see more ocean treasures!

You frequently go over to this person's house for tea, and as you sit sipping by the fire, ensconced in fuzzy pillows and throws, you are struck by how cozy the place is. Celebrate those who know how to create a feeling of home by giving them objects of luxurious comfort. From upper left, we have hand-loomed wool blankets from Bolivia in gorgeous colorways; embroidered leather ottomans in fun hues; intricately embroidered jute pillows from India; and colorful felted seat cushions.

Last but certainly not least, we have a fabulous assortment of stocking stuffers, all $12 and under! With our help, you'll even be able to stuff that huge size 15 men's sock your son is insisting on leaving for Santa. First picture, clockwise from left: classic gyroscopes, wind-up squirrels, felted pompoms, LED flashing rings, rings made from recycled flip-flops, music boxes, knitted chicken ornaments, and peanut pens and erasers. Second picture, clockwise from left: woven African bracelets, Tim Burton playing cards, colored chalk, crayons, classic white chalk, Indian incense with great graphics, and green gorilla erasers.

Happy Holidays, dear customers! We can’t wait to see your smiling faces as you breeze through your gift-buying and end up with enough time left to head to Joan’s on Third for a hot drink and a sweet reward. See you soon!

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  1. debbie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE several of your items but I cannot figure out how to purchase them online.

    • newstoneage says:

      Hi Debbie,
      Unfortunately we do not have an online store. The blog is simply a way to let our local customers know about the products we have in store. We hope you can pay us a visit sometime.

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