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‘Tis the Season for Slithering Serpents, Spooky Skulls and Spectral Sparkles

The shadows are getting longer, and the nights are getting darker. A barely perceptible chill brushes against our shoulders, reminding us that we’re entering into Autumn, with its time honored traditions that encourage us to let loose and embrace the darker, wilder side of life. It’s no secret that we at New Stone Age have a particular fondness for this time of year, and a flair for celebrating it in truly unique style. For those of you looking for a way to celebrate the upcoming holidays of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos without having to wade through aisles of vinyl-scented plastic junk, we have scoured the shadowy reaches of the earth to uncover the creepiest curiosities. Most of our finds are so eerily enchanting that we think they deserve to stick around long after the dark nights of revelry have passed.


Find a wearable treasure in this spooky tableau. Clockwise, from top left: Extasia jet cicada broochZoë Chicco pavé diamond and ruby snake necklace, Stowellen antler skull, Liven pavé diamond snake ringZoë Chicco gold skull necklace, Stowellen antler skull ring, Kyle Chan gold vermeil skull necklaceZoë Chicco gold and silver skull necklace, Swallow gold plated pewter crow’s feet, Stowellen ebony skull, Kyle Chan gold vermeil skull ring, pyrite skull, Peg and Awl brass skeleton rings, Balinese crow beads, and Swallow oxidized pewter wing.




Looking for a fitting vessel for your favorite poison? Serve your guests with this skull and crossbones set… and they can’t say you didn’t warn them.




This gold plated ceramic skull is non-living proof that you can be glamorous even in death. Display it in all its glowing and gory glory on your mantlepiece for a touch of macabre decadence.


Lastly, for those of you with children, who might favor a more lighthearted and adorable approach to Halloween, feast your eyes on these exquisitely detailed plush velvet masks. Red Leonard the Fox and blue Filou the Wolf are handmade in France, are oh so comfy to wear, and are so ridiculously cute that you might find even the most vicious vampires are cooing over your cute little forest creatures.
Don’t forget to stop by the store for even more terrifyingly terrific treasures. We wish you all a spectacularly spooky Halloween and a dreadfully delightful Day of the Dead!

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