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Diamonds Are April’s Best Friend

Hello, dear customers, and Happy April! For those of you who are subscribed to our email list, we’re trying something different this month. While WordPress is a lovely blogging platform, its email subscription service is a little clumsy for our taste. We have a feeling that many of you miss our email updates because they are sent from “WordPress” instead of “New Stone Age,” so starting today we are using Mail Chimp to manage email subscriptions. Hopefully, that will mean that you can find our content more easily. Let us know how you like it.

Now that we’ve got that boring update out of the way, how about that flashy blog headline? It’s true, folks: April is the best month in which to be born, because these spring babies can claim the fabulous, lustrous diamond as their birthstone. Perhaps you have a special April-born someone in your life, or perhaps you are that special someone. Perhaps you just love diamonds as much as we do. If you said yes to any of the above (and really, who doesn’t like diamonds?), take a look at the abundance of beautiful specimens we have in the store.

pave diamond necklaces that'll make your heart go pitter-patter

pave diamond necklaces that’ll make your heart go pitter-patter

stunning, sparkling, stacking stones for your fingers, and the infamous "diamond shake" locket filled with diamonds

stunning, sparkling, stacking stones for your fingers, and the infamous “diamond shake” locket filled with diamonds

Since wedding season is fast approaching, we figured this month would also be the perfect time to showcase some of our marriage-worthy rings. Take note, proposal planners: if you’re going to put a ring on it, choose one of these stunners!

rocks you can rock for a lifetime

rocks you can rock for a lifetime

Come to New Stone Age for the stone of all stones, the dazzling diamond!

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