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It’s Valen-time!

January flew by like a Santa Ana wind gust, and we can hardly believe it’s February. This short and sweet month will be gone before we know it, so let’s relish the romance and roses. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is only six days away! If you have yet to think of something that will make your lover swoon, don’t fret: we’ve got a whole slew of cupid-approved, Aphrodite-vetted ideas up our sleeves.
 NSA Valentine

Let’s start with the classic way into a woman’s heart: jewelry! In the store and online, you’ll find a charming collection of sweet little bejeweled ways to say “I love you.” Whether your lover likes dainty and subtle, colorful and quirky, or bold and glittering, we’ve got a heart with her name on it.
NSA heart necklaces copy
Clockwise, from top left: Liven pavé diamond heart necklaces in 14 karat white and rose gold; Emily R Studio three diamond heart necklace in sterling silver; New Stone Age pavé diamond oxidized silver heart necklace; Emily R Studio diamond heart necklace in 14 karat gold; Debbie Fisher ruby and gold vermeil heart necklace; Riversong waxed linen and gold vermeil heart necklaces; Zoë Chicco 14 karat gold heart rings; Meredith Hahn gold fill “love” bracelet; and Kalosoma beaded blue and yellow heart necklace.
If your loved one isn’t the jewelry type, consider presenting an object of beauty to the object of your affection. Displayed in the home, it will be a fond testament to your adoration.
NSA home hearts copy
Clockwise from top left: red metal heart hook; hand-beaded heart charms; handmade Peruvian matchbox couple; deliciously scented heart soap; gold leafed heart hook; pyrite heart; heart locket ornament; and wooden heart milagro stamps.
To finish it off, why not try your hand at crafting a beautiful card using our vintage valentine kit?
NSA valentine kit copy
We’ve gathered together some of our favorite ephemera – vintage ribbons, stamped tickets, tags, glass glitter, milagro hearts, handmade papers and fabric rosettes – and sorted them into kits of romantic red and blushing pink. All that’s needed is your creative touch.
Not the crafty type? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered with our grab-and-go selection of sweet sentiments.
NSA valentine love letter copy
Clockwise from top left: whimsical, glitter-frosted cards from Tokyomilk, featuring lovelorn flamingos, a smitten octopus and two birds of a feather; and handmade deckled heart cards from Oblation Press, available blank, with a letterpressed Rumi quote or with “I <3 you" on the front. nsa valentines book
Wishing you and yours a very lovely Valentine’s Day! <3    

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