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New Stone Age is for Lovers!


What’s that drifting on the ocean breeze? Is it love? We think it is. Heed that amorous muse and head into the store to snatch up some sweets for your sweetie. Check out all the lovey-dovey loot that we’ve gathered for you! Your valentine will be absolutely smitten when you shower him or her with these treasures and a sweet handwritten card.IMG_0950

IMG_0935IMG_0949IMG_0947IMG_0929IMG_0940IMG_0941IMG_0936Are you looking to adorn your lady love with jewels befitting her beauty? We’ve assembled a collection of our most valentine-worthy baubles below. You can’t go wrong with the universal symbolism of hearts, arrows and keys, nor with sweet sayings or delicate diamond-studded rose gold. Tuck a picture of the two of you inside a lovely locket and she will be able to wear you close to her heart. We have something for every budget and every measure of love. And if you’re single, there’s no reason not to give yourself some healthy self-love in the form of a necklace, bracelet or ring – be your own valentine this year!

IMG_0985IMG_0981IMG_0979IMG_0980IMG_0982IMG_0986Happy Valentine’s Day, with lots of love from all of us to all of you!


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