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Ruby Tuesday


It’s July, which means it’s the month of that fabulous crimson stone, the ruby. Rubies are considered one of the most precious gemstones, along with sapphires, diamonds and emeralds, and have a long and glamorous history adorning royalty around the world. Ruby is the birthstone for those born in July, and is also a traditional 15th and 40th anniversary gift.



These gorgeous ruby and 18 karat gold pieces are part of a very unique jewelry line we just started carrying. The London-based designer, Polly Wales, employs a direct casting technique, casting the gemstones along with the gold, which results in beautifully organic pieces encrusted with stones that look like they were formed deep within the Earth’s core. No two pieces are the same.


IMG_2261 IMG_2260 IMG_2259

These pairs of earrings will be sure to win over the ruby red heart of any woman born in July (or any other month, for that matter). From top to bottom: Nixin 14 karat gold and ruby hoops; Alix Bluh sterling silver, 14 karat gold and glass earrings filled with loose rubies; and Jane Diaz sterling silver and ruby earrings.


IMG_2256 IMG_2255 IMG_2253 IMG_2248


We also have a stunning collection of rings fit for royal fingers. From top to bottom: Melissa Joy Manning 18 karat gold and ruby eternity band; Polly Wales 18 karat and ruby eternity band; Jane Diaz 10 karat gold and ruby clover ring; and Nixin 14 karat rose gold, pave diamond and ruby snake ring.



Last but certainly not least, we have this jaw dropper of a bangle by India born, Rhode Island based designer Himatsingka. The sterling silver piece features intricately etched designs and a scalloped outer edge inlaid with glittering rubies.

Next time you come in to pay us a visit, try on some of these stunners and you’ll find out why we can’t stop drooling over them.

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