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Whalecome to the Dog Days of Summer

Greetings, friends, and please excuse our construction mess. We’re working on some exciting new online developments. We’re doing a complete redesign of the store website to bring it up to date, and as part of this process we have moved our blog to the newstoneagela.com domain. If you have our blog bookmarked or included in your RSS feed, make sure to update the address to newstoneagela.com/blog. We’re also planning on unveiling something truly exciting in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please bear with us while we work out all the kinks. With that said, let’s get to the fun part. Read on to see what we have in store for you this month…



These little whale bottle openers may look alarmed, but that’s just because they want to make sure you make the most out of the last month of summer. Invite them to your next garden party, so they can help you celebrate as they crack open some nice cold Hefeweizens.




Wondering how to serve that refreshing beer to your guests in style? How about a handpainted gray floral enamel tumbler, all the way from Kashmir? Fill the little bowls with nuts and fruit, and the pitcher with refreshing lavender lemonade (grab a copy of our Pure Vegan cookbook for the delicious recipe).



What are you going to wear as you entertain your guests al fresco? How about these vibrant, sparkly leather sandals, in fuchsia, goldenrod and eggplant? We think these flip-flops also make stylish beachwear – in fact, whenever we see them, we want to close the store and play hooky in the Malibu sand!



Speaking of flip-flops, check out these amazing animals! That’s right, they are constructed entirely out of old flip-flop material by skilled artisans in Nairobi, Kenya. The artists behind Ocean Sole, the FlipFlop Recycling Company, are helping to clean the world’s waterways and beaches, which have become littered with discarded beach footwear, and are turning the collected material into beautiful creatures. This company supports sustainable economic development in the areas that need it most, and raises awareness about the pollution of our coastlines, all while providing us with adorable lions, rhinos, giraffes and more.



While we’re on the topic of adorable creatures, look at these cute canine cuddlers! You can snuggle these puppy pillows to your heart’s content, and never have to worry about feeding, walking or cleaning up after them. Less cuddly, but no less cute, are our gilded dachshund and our porcelain chihuahua lamp. These pups will get you through the dog days of summer in style.


Let us help you make the most of the rest of this season. If you show up and we’re not here, try looking for us at the beach. We’ll be there with drinks in our hands and those leather sandals on our feet… shhh! Don’t forget to keep an eye on this site, so you can be the first to hear about our exciting news!

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